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PLEASE CHANGE YOUR DEVICE ORIENTATION TO LANDSCAPE in order to view the videos and use the search engine properly!

Search videos among 25 free and best tube sites (based on Alexa rankings). Check the details with screenshots.

CAUTION: Safe Search is OFF.

Other than search engine our video treat consists of:

TRAILERS: Weekly updated, FULL HD (with 6 channel audio) trailers of upcoming and most anticipated Hollywood movies with details, score and buzz meter.

VIDEOS: To add fun to your life, we have collected the five most funny and most seen videos ever from the best tube sites of the internet.

EDITORS' CHOICE: To make our list, we selected all-time best movies on the basis of awards won and gross income ... from there, we analyzed and formed the final list, categorized into best comedy, romantic, action and scary movies that you must watch at least once in your lifetime.

The following description of our search engine's composition and working (explained with screen-shots) will allow you to search videos efficiently.

Our engine searches videos among 25 best and free video sharing sites [ youtube.com;   twitch.tv;   vimeo.com;   hulu.com;   metacafe.com;   cbs.com;   break.com;   liveleak.com;   vevo.com;   ted.com;   dailymotion.com;   9gag.com;   vine.co;   younow.com;   cc.com;   tune.pk;   veoh.com;   stupidvideos.com;   viewster.com;   ustream.tv;   archive.org;   tvguide.com;   tv.com;   funnyordie.com;   and   blinkx.com ]; selected on 18-July-2016 according to the Alexa rankings.

Tens of thousands of videos are being uploaded to these high ranked websites every day and having the video search capability to cover as many of them as possible is what we do. Whether it's a professionally made trailer for the latest flick or an amateur video that's the latest viral sensation; besttubesites.tk, the very last place to search for your videos and find them, enjoy!


In this mode, all the 25 websites are searched (the "All" label/refinement is active) and the custom search engine shows 100 most relevant results (10 per page) as shown in the image below.

Search videos in default mode


You can also select to "sort by date" (from the button shown in the image below). Instead of the most relevant results (default), the most current results are displayed.

Search videos in sort-by-date mode


You can get results (in both sort by relevance/date modes) from a single website by clicking on its Label/Refinement.

For e.g. If you're looking for "rihanna" only at vevo.com then just run a search for it in the search bar, once the results appear you can "click" on the Label/Refinement "vevo" (as shown in the image below). You can also sort the results by date or by relevance for the same query "rihanna" on all the 16 websites shown on the Labels/Refinements.

Search videos in single-site-mode

Please Note:
Out of 25, you can individually search only 16 websites in this mode (currently only 16 Labels/Refinements are allowed by Google Custom Search).

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